About Us

Tradition for three generations

The Hatuey Cigars are genuine of our family. Our ancestors began manufacturing "This Habano" in Cuba, which is enjoyed today in many parts of the world.

Our cigar factory, TABACALERA HATUEY, is located in Dominican Republic, in the Cibao valley, which is one of the most prestigious locations known worldwide to grow tobacco. We have established our tobacco crops in many areas of the Cibao, such as, Bonao, Villa Gonzalez, Navarrete, Piloto, Cotui, as well as others, from where we obtain fine and aromatics leaves used in our blends.

Our company is dedicated to continue the tradition and culture began in Cuba. The Hatuey cigar repeatedly uses the same tobacco seeds in the different varieties, as well as the same curing process to conserve years and years of consistency and quality of this fine Dominican cigar.

We have our tobacco processing center, where we store, classify, ferment and age all tobaccos produced in our crops. The tobaccos are aged for several years before being taken to the factory to be use in the different blends that identify our cigars.

Our workers are skilled and trained for all of the different processing stages, conscious that our goal is to provide our customers with a constant quality. In our cigars, you will find the pleasure and delight as you enjoy a real pure Dominican cigar with Cuban roots, a worthy representative of our family tradition